Friday, September 12, 2014

Discussions on Creative Leadership at Asia Pacific HRM Congress

It was interesting discussion at the session on Creative Leadership For Tomorrows World. I was part of a session wherein there were three presentations bringing in diverse views on leadership and talent..  

First presentation by Vinod Bidwaik, HR Director at  DSM India Pvt Ltd,  brought out how leadership is key to securing the future for company which is driven by innovation.   The company had evolved  over a period of 110 years from a mining company to a high tech specialty plastics products company and also getting into some amazing innovations that will drive the growth.  To enable this you needed to shape the right behaviors right from entry  screening to retention and motivation and the right leadership was needed to provide that direction.   After all Leadership is a verb and not a noun.  It is all about driving momentum and bringing change and not about remaining good where you are.  The six stage model that was presented made an interesting learning from the companies five year journey. 

The second section was on an interesting point of view by Wing Commander Naresh Taneja Head HR for IRB Infrastructure Services,  who spoke about Toxic Talent Trap and how you can go on for a long way without noticing the side effects of talent that is toxic.  Basically the session was a discussion about what extent do companies go in the pursuit of talent, what extent do you let go of your core values just because you don' want to lose a good talent.  The discussion raised questions about role of leadership in addressing this issue and ensuring that we don't end up as boiled frogs (of course with the internal environment changes) 

The third leg of the session was that perspective I shared from TCS about how leadership is not just at individual level but leadership also extends to the organization as a whole.   The small story about how TCS displayed responsible leadership at the industry level to drive augmentation of talent to enable the industry become more competitive was the essence of what we discussed in this part.  There was an interesting discussion on how competition is no longer between company A and B within an industry but going beyond to competition among nations and  leaders have to quickly understand how the dynamics of talent shortages and unavailability makes your industry uncompetitive due to salary wars and wage inflation and how it gravitates towards a competition between nations.  That is where responsible leadership as a corporate entity comes into picture to secure a sustainable competitive organization.

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